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ROBIBAR, a period piece set against the backdrop of the turbulent socio-political scene of Calcutta during 30's, is an emotional journey through the labyrinth of the complex and surreal relationship between a maverick painter who dares to speak against social injustice and hypocrisies and an educated, sensitive girl with high moral values.

Original Story - Rabindranath Tagore
Cast: Ambika charan - Amitrajit Chatterjee | Abhik-er Maa - Rajyashree Sarkar | Sitesh kaka - Swagato Basumallick |Prof Amar - Ashis Sengupta |Abdul - Abhijit Dutta |Sheela - Suvagata Chatterjee |Sushmi  - Monamie Chakrabarty |Bibha - Sayantanee Dutt |Abhik  - Sudipta Chatterjee
Music: Amrita Sircar,Debarshi Roy,Rajarshi Ray
Direction: Rajarshi Ray
Production: ATIKRAM

About Atikram

Atikram - Crossing Barriers,  was co-founded by Rajarshi Ray and Debarshi Roy in 2007 in Austin, TX. Rajarshi and his brother Debarshi started their theatrical journey under the tutelage of their father Ramesh Ray. Later they worked with Nandeekar, an iconic theatrical group of Calcutta led by Rudra Prasad Sengupta, an acclaimed director and actor. So far, ATIKRAM has enthralled theater loving audiences in TX, CA, MN and in India. Some of their performances include: Priyo Bandhu in Austin, TX; Rabibar in San Francisco, CA etc. Apart from theatrical exploits, Atikram has also produced a documentary film "Bengal, Thy Name is Rhythm" to explore the dance heritage of Bengal.


Durga Puja 2016 in Retrospect

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