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Putul Khelaa

The play opens in the living room of Tapan Chatterjee, a miserly, narcissistic bank manager. Tapan is a loving husband to Bulu, but makes every effort to control her life. Bulu, the mother of two little children, has little freedom to express her own opinion or live the carefree life she pines for. Her life gets disrupted when her long-lost friend Krishna pays her an unexpected visit. Bulu gets talkative with Krishna, pouring out the fantasy world she has built for herself. As Bulu learns about Krishna’s life, she discovers that Krishna had a relationship with Keshto, the man who secretly lent her money, and is now blackmailing her. As the story unfolds, Bulu finds herself in an impossible situation where she tries hard to avoid being exposed to Tapan, but Tapan comes to know her secret and starts distrusting her. Bulu suddenly realizes that despite her deep feelings for Tapan, Tapan is too entrenched with his own image and had never really understood or loved her. She takes an impulsive decision to get out the illusory relationship that she had committed herself to. Is it impossible for them to get back together, a desperate Tapan pleads. “No”, says Bulu, “not unless an impossible miracle transforms us”. The curtain closes as Bulu steps out and slams the door shut behind her.

Original Story : Henrik Ibsen  | Adaptation: Shambhu Mitra

Production: Saikat, San Diego


Durga Puja 2016 in Retrospect

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