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Community Cultural Event

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Community Cultural Event

Date: October 24 and 25 - 2015
Venue: Smithwick Auditorium, Foothill College, Los Altos,California
Time: Saturday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: TBD

Registration Start Date: September 7 Registration End Date: Registration Closed!!


Registration Fee: Solo - $25

Solo - Advanced: $30

Group : $20

Registration End Date: October 10 or until the slot lasts.

CCE Program Schedule:

1) Oct 24, Saturday between 2 PM and 5 PM. All the participants EXCEPT the Advance Solo participants must report at the venue by 1:30 PM and sit anywhere in the area designated for the participants : Row BB - Row LL , Seat # 2 - 26.

2) Oct 25, Sunday between 2 PM and 2:45 PM. Only Advance Solo performances. Please report at the venue by 1:30 PM.

Seating: Free seating for the viewers on Oct 24, Saturday and there is no Entry Fee. Assigned Seating is enforced for the programs on October 25, Sunday.

As part of the Sanskriti's Annual Festival and Durga Puja,there will be dedicated time slots for Community Performances to encourage and inspire the local artists and young children who are learning or practicing music or dance. We ask for a nominal registration fee just to partially cover the huge cost of renting a facility to provide you with yet another platform to showcase your talent. Following paragraphs outline the program in detail and the rules and regulations to participate. Register early to enable us plan the event better. Slots tend to fill up fast.

A Group must have at least 4 members. A participant can register only for any two events.

Group Dance:
Age 5 to 11: Time Limit 8 mins.
Age 12 to 18: time limit 10 mins.
Age 18+: time limit 10 mins.

Age 5 to 11 - Solo/Group: time limit 5/5 mins.
Age 12 to 18 - Solo/Group: time limit 5/5 mins.
Age 18+ Solo/Group : time limit 5/5 mins.

Classical/ Semi Classical/Devotional/Light Vocal
Age 5 to 11 - Solo/Group: time limit 5/8 mins.
Age 12 to 18 - Solo/Group: time limit 5/10 mins.
Age 18+ Solo/Group: time limit 5/10 mins.

Classical /Semi classical Instrumental (Tabla/Sitar/Sarod/Viloin/Harmonium/Flute etc)
Age 5 to 11 -Solo/Group: time limit 5/8 mins.
Age 12 to 18- Solo/Group: time limit 5/10 mins.
Age 18+ Solo/Group: time limit 5/10 mins.

Short Play (Group only)
Age 5 to 11: Group time limit 8 mins.
Age 12 to 18 : Group time limit 10 mins.
Age 18+ : Group time limit 10 mins.


Solo - Advanced Level (New)
Sanskriti has opened up a new solo performance  category with very different criteria and with very limited slots only for the accomplished performers.

Registration Process: Please register using the Event Management system and pay the registration fee using the paypal. You will receive a registration confirmation email from the system. However, Solo-Advanced registration is NOT confirmed until it meets all other criteria mentioned below. You will receive a final confirmation of your participation email from the coordinators. If you are not selected, the registration fee will be refunded.

Registration Fee: $30
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Slots available: very limited.

Selection Criteria for this new slot:
1. At least 5+ years of  training.
2. Participant must have prior experience of solo performance on stage.
3. You tube video needed for the selection.
4. Time is strictly 10min per performance.
5. Dance performance only pre-recorded music.

6. Mention Teacher's name and the Music School for reference.
Selection of the participants is based on above criteria and the you tube video. Sanskriti's board members hold the sole discretion for selecting the participants.

Sanskriti Senior Honor Club Segment (New)

This is a new category introduced this year to welcome the senior citizens of our community to showcase their talents registration of which should be handled manually by contacting the coordinators directly.

Contact: Poushali De Bhaumik ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Paromita Das ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Things to Keep in mind

1.Sanskriti is strictly going to adhere to time provided in our website for the various categories. Any request for extending the time limit even for a few minutes will not be entertained during the performance or before that.

2. Please make sure before registration that you select the right category for the candidates and the number of candidates for group performance. Manual changes like switching categories, changing the number of candidates etc. will not be done after the candidate completes the registration.

3. Please note that any form of recorded music is the performer’s/group leader’s responsibility.For any such eventuality Sanskriti will continue with the performances as scheduled and not wait/stop for any technical malfunction of the device.

4.Performers/group-leaders are responsible for clearing and cleaning the stage immediately after their performance. Please remove all your instruments, accessories, props etc from the stage. Absolutely no glass item or any kind of fragile item on the stage please!

5. Sanskriti maintains first come first serve policy for our registration process. After registrations slots are over no more special request or in person request please!!!


There will be 6-8 microphones. Please plan the group event accordingly.This is not a segment for an elaborate program. If a coordinator has registered more than 3 groups and planning to perform back to back, please keep in mind that your maximum allocated time limit will be limited to 2 consecutive group slots or a maximum of 20 minutes in such situation. Also, please be mindful of the limitation on microphones and other logistics while planning such things. Such proposals need to be discussed upfront with the cultural lead. We may not be in a position to entertain such requests.

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