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Jantrik O Ajantrik - RAS, Bay Area

"Jantrik O Ajantrik"

Production: Ray Admirers' Society (RAS), Bay Area

Run Time: 45 minutes

Two short stories are chosen from Satyajit Ray’s plethora of short stories and merged to adapt to this play. The stories are “Sadhan Babu’r Sandeho” and “Anukul.” The main essence, situations and humor of the original stories are maintained in the adaptation ,however, the merged version conveys a different message that was probably not parts of the original or so subtle that it could have well been open to interpretation.

A suspicious middle aged bengali gentleman Sadhan babu has a forgetful nature and is also extremely suspicious at the same time. He has issues with his domestic help that further makes things worse for him. Through a hilarious turn of events he ends up discarding an expensive antique clock he had bought himself, partly due to his suspicious nature and partly due to his domestic help’s stupidity. Frustrated, he decides to stay with his nephew who has hired the services of a robot as domestic help. Does this make life better for Sadhan babu or do things end up becoming even more complicated?

In addition to presenting a hilarious comedy that would evoke laughter from the audience it asks a very pertinent question that is even more relevant in today’s times – is technology solving most of our problems or creating greater problems for us?


Durga Puja 2016 in Retrospect

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