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Uposhonhar - Yatraa, Bay Area


Production : Yatraa, Bay Area

Casts : Tania Bhattacharya, Bibek Ghosh, Bodhisattva Das

Script & Direction : Rajkumar Ray

Run time: 60 minutes

Have you ever thought about all the behind-the-scene activities that are required to produce a show from scratch? There is much deliberation, analysis, proposals, refusals and conflicts involved. Now imagine a half baked script being thrown at the actors where the only tool they have is their skill to improvise! They embark on a path where the destination might evolve and no road signs in sight. Laugh your heart out, feel the panic or just sit back and relax as you become a part of the journey with Yatraa's new experimental play "Uposhonghaar - The Conclusion"!!



Durga Puja 2016 in Retrospect

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