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Ore Bihongo Mor - Brishchik, Seattle

Ore Bihongo Mor

Production: Brishchik, Seattle

Script and Direction: Debabrata Dey

Casts: Mollika -  Rumu Hashem; Bimol: Debabrata Dey; Pintu: Supratim Roy Chowdhury

Crews: Sound - Sumana Dey, Light -  Barna Chatterjee, Projection - Samik Mukherjee, Stage: Bratati Mukherjee

Run Time : 70 minutes

Ore Bihongo Mor is a simple story of human love, relationship, and betrayal, in a twisted fate of a triangular relationship. Cast in the background of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Ore Bihongo Mor tells the story of how a simple picnic with family and friend turns into a heartrending search for love and truth.

Previous Staging:

This play has been staged twice before, once in Seattle and a second time in NABC 2015 (Houston). We will also be staging it in Kolkata on December 23, 2015, as a part of Nandikar’s 32nd National Theater Festival, 2015. If selected, this will be the fourth staging of this play.


Durga Puja 2016 in Retrospect

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