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Viewer's Comments

One of the features of this Natya Mela is that it publishes the viewer's comments for the benefit of the participating teams and all the theater lovers. Please keep an eye on this page. You can send in your comments to ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '.


Natya Mela 2016 | Viewers' Comments
SL# Name Comments
1 Dipali Saha


It is a good program. The flyer says the event was on its 9th year. Expected little more maturity from the organization in that case. I was looking to buy a ticket onsite but found none in the box office. I approached one or two gentlemen standing in front of the box office. They say said that they will have to find some one from the organizer. Went away and did not show up. Luckily, a lady standing by me said she has one extra and I got my ticket. If the booth was closed, at least a 'window closed' notice would have been appropriate. Even the announcement inside was not up to the mark. Seems like the anchor was not prepared fully for this job. Hoping the organizer will pay attention to organizing this important event a little bit more professionally. Thank you, - dipali

2 Tuhina Bhowmik

I don't want to miss natya mela and I didn't this year too. The coincidence with Saraswati Puja made the day somewhat difficult. We had to rush from one event to another.

Yesterday it a great evening at least for those who enjoy natok. I never wrote a feedback but decided to do it this time just to applaud the effort of each team. Everyone understands that not all the plays will be of the same type and quality. I liked Ore bihongo mor the most. Very well staged. The plot unfolded smoothly to reach the climax. The scene with the revolver was the master piece of this play, I would think. Good show Seattle!! Jantik O Ajantrik was a cute attempt from a new team. Not bad as a first time performer. Robot did quite a bit of acting and the youngsters liked it. I enjoyed the script. Hilarious. Uposhonhar was another good play of the evening. Script was complex with complicated turn every now and then. With simple stage blocks, the play was acted out well. It was captivating. Good job there too. I did not comprehend Baki Itihas that well. Dialogue was quite low at times. It could have been better.

Finally, I would like to thank Sanskriti team and especially Mr. Prodosh Sarkar who I came to know from many as being the mastermind behind this event in the Bay Area. Thankful to you all! Looking forward to your 10th year celebration. -Tuhina


Saswati Roy

(Through Facebook)

Sanskriti, this comment is in no way to condemn/criticize your effort. It is in hope if any of the perpetrators a.k.a audience reads this and better sense prevails in them.

I just went through your post regarding parental responsibility during a performance. I was wondering if you have any similar recommendation on unruly behavior of adults as well. If not, may I humbly suggest that you might consider putting one in place. I was among the audience during the staging of 'Natya Mela' yesterday and I was thoroughly disappointed with the etiquette of quite a few 'grown ups' on more than one instance. It should not take much to realize yelling 'sunte pachhina' during an active performance followed by a constant murmur amongst the audience is not only distracting for the artists on the stage but disrespectful too.

No, I was not sitting in the front row and yes,I was able to hear and would have heard better if the audience cared to maintain silence!One may not like /understand everything during a theatrical performance and there is nothing wrong in that. However, isn't it more prudent then to step out of the auditorium than start a conversation with the person next to you?

4 Riffat Ara Rahman

On Saturday we came to attend the natok utsob from Folsom. We came from Dhaka only few months ago and we miss bangla events very much. We ourselves were engaged in theatrical activities there. One of our friends recommended this event to us. We enjoyed the entire day. That outside of Bangladesh and Bengal we will get the opportunity to see such serious theater and natok was beyond our imagination.

We watched Baki Itihaas before in Bangladesh. It is a famous play of 1965 by nine other than famous playwright Badal Sircar. Houston group shortened the play by half however with some contemporary elements they were able to maintain the primary flavour of the play. Actors were good however something was still missing in this staging that could not touch the moments we observed in Dhaka staging. It was still very engaging. Ore Bihongo Mor from Brishchik was the excellent production of the evening. There was not a single moment that we felt we could turn our eyes off. The last play from the Bay Area team was also quite good. Very good actors and actress. One can not enjoy this play without really having to ponder over it seriously. The serpentine flow of events were coming in the way of enjoyment sometimes,nonetheless, we enjoyed just thinking that outside of Dhaka we are able to watch natoks of these caliber. If we live in this area, we will keep coming to this event even if it is far away from us. Thank you organizer!


Riffat A. Rahman

5 Premangshu Roy

I like theater. I take all the opportunities to watch theaters whenever I can. However, I probably do not have the capacity to understand theaters like Baki Itihas or Uposhonhar. It went over my head. Trust me, I tried hard to absorb but I could not. Satyajit Roy's story always has a different appeal - very straight forward with not so complicated twist. Jantrik O Ajantrik followed that path. Enjoyable. However, may I ask why the director of Brishchik team from Seattle didn't want to reveal the name of the 'Bideshi Golpo' he based his Ore Bihongo Mor on? Would it not have been appropriate to acknowledge the story with its proper name than merely saying - bideshi golper chhaya obolombone? He did the right thing though to stop the play when there was a trouble with the background music. I appreciate that. Ore Bihongo Mor was otherwise a standard story of triangular love and followed a more or less predicted path. It was staged very nicely though with very solid acting. Acting was more or less powerful for almost all the plays. Anyway, it was a good theatrical event for the theater lover - and that is a big take away from this festival.

Shreyas Kundu

Kudos to Sanskriti team and Pradoshda! You guys made us proud to introduce this natya mela in the bay area. It should no longer be viewed as an amateurish theater festival. What a quality event with a nominal ticket price!Uposhonhar totally blew my mind away. A very solid play with no prediction possible at any given moment. On the other spectrum Ore Bihongo Mor was another lovely theater with the evergreen subject of triangular love. Bimal and Mallika sounded like professional actor and actress though I am sure they do not live on it. It is only their passion. Liked Jantrik and Ajantril too. Compared to other three it was a much lighter production. Enjoyable no doubt. Again, I am overwhelmed with all the great productions of the Natya Mela. I attend almost all Sanskriti events. Your events really stand apart from the rest. BTW, when is the tenth Natya Mela? How to participate in the Natya Mela? See you all in the music festival. Thank you for doing a good work.

7 Rekha Narayanswami

This is the first time I went to natok mela. My husband is not a native Bangla speaker. Even though his understanding is only superficial, he still has immense interest in the theater after seeing few good ones in Kolkata Academy of fine arts and Delhi. He liked your festival very much. He was really surprised with the high quality of the plays given these were acted on mostly by the amateur theater actors in USA. We liked Ore Bihongo Mor the most. However, others were equally good. Our complaint was about the audience. They should have behaved a little more sensibly and maintained silence as would be appropriate of a theater audience. Regardless, this organization did a very good job of introducing a theater festival for the 'natak premi' in the Bay Area.


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