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Program Schedule

October 01, 2016 Saturday

Puja Starts (Courtyard) 10:00 AM
Anjali (Courtyard) 12:30 PM
Prasad and Bhog Lunch (Courtyard) 1:30 PM
Community Cultural Event (Hall) 2:00 PM
Dhunuchi and Aarti (Courtyard)
5:00 PM
Local Cultural Programs (Hall)
6:00 PM
Dinner Break 8:00 PM
"Bolpur To Bombay" - RATHIJT & KARTIK DAS BAUL (India) 8:45 PM

October 02, 2016 Sunday

Puja Starts (Courtyard) 10:00AM
Anajali (Courtyard) 12:30 PM
Prasad and Bhog Lunch (Courtyard) 1:00 PM
Community Cultural Event (Hall) 1:30 PM
Dhunuchi and Sindur Daan (courtyard) 4:30 PM
Cultural Programs 5:30 PM

Note: We may have to deviate from this published schedule depending on the situation on the ground especially the mandatory crew break etc.


Durga Puja 2016 in Retrospect

Audio Section

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