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Viewer's Comments

Viewer's Comment
Natya Mela committee appreciates your time for sending in the feedback.
Dipanjan Roy
Hello Sanskriti, I wanted to extend my heartiest congratulations to you for carrying on with this program year after year.  It was a sheer joy to be able to watch so many good quality dramas in one weekend. The people at Sanskriti are very courteous and warm and passionate about this festival. We are there with you. You made Bay Area proud with a beautiful natak festival.
I watched all the plays except the Bhul Swargo. Sudipta Bhowmik's play was a great production. Parna and Biraj in Thikana stood apart. excellent acting there. Houston's Tiktiki is probably the most captivating one - at least to me. I did like the other ones also but Tiktiki is still ringing in my mind.

Look forward to the next natya mela earnestly.

Jagriti Dutta
Hello Natya Mela committee,
You are doing a superb job - no doubt. I had been attending since past three years
now and each year
I find something new. That is definitely a good thinking from the committee. I agree
with the Chief Guest
that you should do something about the young generation too through this festival.
On the whole it was a good festival with six different plays. Bhul Swargo came out
nicely. It could have been
even better. Good starter. Ekti Gaye from New Jersey was really good. Is this play
little weaker than he did few years ago - Taconon Parkway? Regardless, Lalit, didi,
Rajat came out nicely. Brishchik did a good job too. We saw some wonderful actings.
Liked the widow, and the drunk. Overall it was a good theater.Burkah nama was
interesting. Women should decide their own fate - not someone else be it burkha or
anything else. Good thought. Norok Gulzar was hilarious. My daughter enjoyed it most
- the Moo's of the cows. They have to be little organized in execution. Some good
actings kept that alive. Tiktiki was throughly enjoyable. Not a single moment was
dull. Kudos to both actors - they must be professional.
Thanks to sanskriti for bringing the festival to us. It was announced that they are
not doing it for money. Wow! How many organization can say that. That must be
something great. We are there to support. We wish that it grows to new height with
each year passing. 
Aditi Majumdar
Natyo Mela khub bhalo laglo. Dudin-i bhalo hoyece. Onek program hoy Bay
Area-te kintu natok-er program sob somoy hoy na. Eta ekta bhalo byapar amader
jonyo. cholte thakuk - ei asha rakhi. 4-te natok dekhte pereci. kontha chere konta
boli. sobguloi bhalo. sobchaite bhalo legece Seattle ar NewJersey-r theater.
Khunokhuni amar poconder byapar noy. tai tiktiki amar kace tin nombor. kintu
obhinoy bhalo. Smaner bocor aro jome uthuk. kintu February mase keno? gorome hok na
jemon hoto age?

Shambo Chakroborty
Where were the Bay Area teams in the two days of festival? Out of six plays only two were from local Bay Area and that too small plays? Come on Bay Area!!
On a different note, it was a very great show - nicely orchestrated with many good plays. Liked the idea of having small play reading to begin with that sets the stage for more serious stuff later on. Seattle's set was brilliant. What I did not like is there music. Shubhomita was not a good fit in the mood that they were trying to recreate. We saw many good and powerful acting through out the event. One more thing - change the time please. Not in winter.

That's my 2 cents!!

Thanks, Shambo
Barnali Chatterjee
weekend-e dudin bhaloi katlo bhalo bhalo natak dekhe. full time kaj kormo rekhe
erokom utsab arrange korao chatti-khani kotha noy. apnader ayojon ekebare truti
biheen - bishesh kore time management.

natoker kothay asi. choto natak gulo natya melar poribeshe maniye giyechhilo. dutoi
sundar hoyeche. boro natok-er modhye amar bhalo laglo Tiktiki - tan tan obhinoy-er
jonyo. natok-er othapora gulo bhalo fute uthechhilo. otota natok boddha na holeo
bujhte pari je obhinoy-e jothesto dokkhota dujoner-i ache. Seattle-er natok e sobar
obhinoy bhalo hoyeche - ekebare uniform-i bola jay. natok-er golpo-tar modhye kono
notun chomok na thakleo Parna-ke ghire porostithitir dorun je dwondo toiri hoyechilo
seta bhaloi futechilo. Badri keno meyer kache eseo phire chole gelo - seta bojha
gelo na. esechilo keno seta bojha sokto noy - chole gelo keno tar kono natokiyo
ingeet ami dhorte pari ni. moncho sojja bhalo. aboho sangeet-e tal kete jachilo bole
amar mone hoyeche. Ekti Gaye Thaki ar ekti joralo natok. Paribarik swartho-dwondo ar
tar theke jege otha somosya. sadharon moncho sojja-teo natak-ta futechilo bhalo.
chorita nirbachon bhalo hoyeche. aboho sangeet bhalo.
Kintu tan tan tension-er muhurto ta natyokar khub tarahuro kore somadhan-er dike
niye gelen. Somadhan-er jonyo oderke deshe feratre holo keno? Bhaike banchate didi
r golpo-ta ki kalponik? seta poriskar bojha gelo na. tobuo bhalo obhinoy ar golper
abedon dag rakhe mone. Norok Gulzar dekha hoy ni.

Sob miliye Natya Mela-r kache protyasha aro bere gelo jeno. sotyi-i khub bhalo

Shubhecha sokolke , Barnali.
Shiulee Bannerjee
Hello Natyamela,Sanskriti,

I think it is not too late to send a feedback. I had been wanting to do this but
just did not find time so far. First of all the committee deserves lots of
appreciation for carrying on with this festival year after year. It's the only
bangla natak event managed so well. Kudos to you all!

I managed to watch all the plays. Both of the large plays on saturday were original
and very contemporary. Thikana dealt with a missing soldier's familiy and the angst,
agony and dilemma of the missing soldier's wife was well portrayed by Parna. With
few good actings, this play was a sure delight. Transition music needs further
thought. Tulsi moncho was a great.New Jersey's play was another good show featuring
ever-familiar topic - the selfishness and selflessness in the realms of a family.
Didi/Jamaibabu were convincing. Barring few over actions from Lalit, he was good
most of the times. Overall impact of this play was good. Bhul Swargo rather had a
large group for a typical shuriti Natak. Wasn't bad. good start. Borkhanama was done
entirely differently. Didn't get if it was a shuri natak. Was it a monologue?
nevertheless, the topic was very contemporary - women must find their own voice in
all issues. Good reading.The serious tone of the day drifted to
 a lighter one with Norok Gulzar. As with any typical Monoj Mitra's play, it seems
easy to do such plays when actually it is not. These are rather more difficult
plays in my opinion. If the mannerisms of the various charatcters are not played
right, it does not bring uot the flavor. Even if it is not one of the best plays of
the festival, few good actings made it watchable and a good variation in the
festival. Team should still be praised for their sincere effort. Tiktiki will be
remembered for a overall good production. Compared to Saturday's plays, it is
probably a little less shiny. Just like Manoj Mitra's typical satire, this is
another stereo typical murder/mystery. nonetheless several good moments kept it

Looking forward to the next festival.
Thank you
Nomita Mollick
Dear Sanskriti,
You are doing a great job with the Natyo utsav. Congratulations and bring it back
every year. I am saddened to see very less crowd though. It is little odd that such
programs do not attract crowd. Was marketing not done properly? Was it not

Nevertheless, many good quality productions made this natyo utsav very enjoyable.
Driving from San Francisco, I could only see 3 or 4 plays.. but in my opinion
quality of them were excellent. I do not look for contemporary or burning issue in a
play. As long as it is a good story I enjoy. And I did enjoy most of the stories and
the story telling.I would like to specially mention about Tiktiki, Ekti Gay thaki
and thikana. Norok Gulzar was hilarious but they encountered many technical glitches
which broke the flow of the play and disturbing. Lots of hardwork and dedication.
Cngratulations to all the team as well.

  San Francisco


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