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Viewer's Comments

One of the features of this Natya Mela is that it publishes the viewer's comments for the benefit of the participating teams and all the theater lovers. Please keep an eye on this page. You can send in your comments to ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '.


Natya Mela 2017 | Viewers' Comments
SL# Name Comments
1 Prasenjit Saha

Hello Sanskriti,

First of all please accept my heartfelt appreciation for this theater festival in the Bay Area. Bay Area has no dearth of programs - on a regular basis my family gets involved in many small and large initiatives. We also get to see large scale programs from India. However, this is a completely different kind of program that you started and nurtured all these years. Kudos to you for that.

I liked every bit of it. Bringing a professional group was a great idea. Kosuhik Sen did a fabulous job with only three people. I saw Antigone in Kolkata. I was curious to see how they do it here. It is different - lot different. However it was still very exciting to say the least. We should bring him back again. I can tell that he is one prolific actor who is into lot of good quality production these days. His wife always shines on stage. I have seen many of their productions in Kolkata. Monalisa Pal did great with the opportunity she had in this play.I missed the workshop. I heard it was a good one too.

Two local productions from Seattle and bay Area were also of very good quality. Khoj was a nicely delivered drama. Good acting from all. Very good story line. Slow at times. The director did a very good job. Seattle's comedy was a very good surprise. It is one of the very good comedy scripts well executed. Please keep it up Sanskriti. Thanks, Prasenjit

2 Tulika Nath

This Natyo Utsab is very special to me for two reasons. I attended this utsab in its earlier years with my father and my father used to look forward to this utsab even if it was a very long drive for us from one end of san francisco to Pleasanton. He passed away few years ago. I could not attend this event for several years. I made it a point to attend this special occasion this year. My father used to always compose a feedback after coming back. The last festival he attended was in 2008 and I remember he was too sock at that time. He even met Mr. Sarkar during the break and congratulated him on his play and Sanskriti for a nice natyo utsab that it started in the Bay Area. He died in 2010 and I stopped going to this beautiful event that both my father and I used to like so much.

I would certainly congratulate Sanskriti for a job well done and creating an opportunity for all of us to see a very good professional theater from Kolkata. Koushik Sen's Antigone of course was the center piece of the attraction. With very limited characters SwapnaSandhani delivered a beautiful play. I did not even feel how the time went by. Antigine, Creon, Ismene - all were brilliant. Will look forward to their production in Sanskriti in future.

Lagle Bolben was very good. Very good acting from amateurs. They deserve 100/100 in set design.Some of their acts were good.

I have a mixed reaction with Khoj. It was dragging at times. However, ended on a very surprising turn. The lost woman acted very convincingly. I want to congratulate her. She was able to bring out many shades of that role. If the play were condensed in an hour so, it would have had momentum that a good play often needs.

Best wishes and congratulations to Sanskriti who had been working on this utsab for these many years. Kind regards, Tulika Nath


Manobina Bhattacharya

I thought of sharing my 2 cents on the natya mela. hope it is not too late.

What I liked:

- Sincerity of the organization to host a natok based event.
- Adding Koushik Sen's play in the natya mela. Loved Anigone. Would like to see Swapna sandhani again with a larger play.
-Other plays were also good. Liked it.

What I didn't like:

- It was a ticketed professional event. Proper thought should have been given to indicate the start of plays. Bells could be used. Not shouting.
- Good announcement was missing. A female or male or both with good voice and announcement capability could have been used. Unless there was a need to kill time, the caricature seemed unnecessary.
- Super title stopped many times.
- Entry gate policy was not uniform. Some were denied entry after the show and some were allowed.

Overall still it was a great event. I thought of this candid feedback as I like this organization for its good work. Thank you,


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