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Sanskriti is a non-profit Cultural and Charitable organizationa and a pioneer
in organizing one day Bengali Drama Festival in the West Coast of USA.

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Blanket Donation to InnVision

You can donate twin size fleece blanket which will be handed over to InnVision (Working for the homeless) representative on October 11 at the Annual Festival venue. There will also be a collection box at the Annual Festival premise. You can drop off your donation (blanket) even there.

Here follows the details of other charitable activities over the past 5 years.

Thanks Giving Food Donation

Donation towards Tsunami victims in India.

Donation to Bharat Sevashram Sangha, New Jersey,towards social and charitable activity in India.

Distribution of Clothes and Blankets for the homeless in San Francisco Bay Area.

Donation to "Maitree", a social organization working for the battered women.

Donation to SpandaanB, working for the education of the underprevileged children in Bangladesh.

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