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Our Vision

Sanskriti wants to evolve as an organization that can make a tangible difference to the community it is embedded within – the American and the Indian community. An isolated organization can only gather moss, but Sanskriti intends to transform into a cultural and social melting pot that embraces and respects a multitude of cultural traditions, fosters creative growth, extends help and support to the needy.


SANSKRITI is a cultural and charitable non-profit community organization launched in Milpitas, California on August 1, 1998. It started with a fund raising annual festival and Durga Puja celebration in its first year. Sanskriti has never looked back but has steadily kept on growing and expanding to include members from our diverse Indian subcontinent. Today, in addition to hosting a mega annual festival, it can boast of another pioneering effort – a one day Drama Festival (Natya Mela) in California which has been gaining momentum and wide acceptance from the patrons in and around the Bay Area and neighboring states.

Sanskriti has no annual membership fees and anyone can get involved, support and be a part of the ongoing activities and events. The only pre-requisite is motivation and commitment, which will help the organization achieve its mission and objectives. Our volunteers would also be a part of Sanskriti’s efforts to generate revenue through corporate sponsorships, donations (tax-deductible), advertisements for the magazine, and helping with the fund raising events.

Sanskriti prides itself in being an organization that welcomes everyone into its fold and believes in growing with the community and their support.

Our Mission

Sanskriti is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) community organization serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1998 and engaged in charitable, social, cultural and community development activities through donations and fund raising events with the benevolent support from its well wishers and patrons. All donations to Sanskriti are tax-deductible. Sanskriti’s primary mission is to take an active role in serving the needs of the local Indian and American Community - socially, culturally and charitably and thereby help developing the community. Sanskriti encourages younger generations to become responsible citizens – respectful of their roots and heritage. Our other objective is to support the noble causes of social and educational organizations in America as well as in India.



Provide a platform for community development through social and cultural interaction among various American and Indo-American groups.


Focus on cultural and intellectual development of children.


Provide a platform for social and business networking.


Help and support charitable cause of selected American and Indian organizations.

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