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Natya Mela - 2023

July 8 - 9, 2023

Cinema Seats

Sanskriti is humbled to bring in the most notable personalities of Bengali Theater on one Stage here in the Bay Area. In its 25th year of Celebration, the main attraction of Sanskriti's Natya Mela is going to be this Mega Production by Kolkata artists.

Notable Drama Artists like
Anirban Bhattacharyya, DebShankar Halder, and Anirban Chakraborti  would perform here in your city.


Enjoy the scintillating performances of more than 7 কলকাতা artists on one Stage in the picturesque Canada Theater in Redwood City.


We expect this to be a sold-out event, so please get your tickets NOW!!


Some FAQs for the Natya Mela

  • Are Kolkata artists going to perform in the drama?

Ans- Yes, they will act in the drama and the drama is being directed by Suman Mukherjee, one of the eminent directors of Drama in Kolkata. The script includes all the 8 people performing in various roles in the said production only.

  •  Can you share more details of the drama with us?

Ans – The script of the drama is being worked upon as we write. This is a new drama that director Suman Mukherjee has created, and all the named actors are performing in it. They are rehearsing that play in Kolkata. This is a new production of the group.   Will share more details once we hear from director.

  • Are there any other local events/drama on Sunday.

Ans – Sunday event is for overseas artists only. We are not planning to have any US based artists at that day’s event. Our Saturday event will include multiple performances of various US based drama teams.

  • I want to volunteer in the event. How do I join?

Ans- We always look for volunteers and if you want to support the event, please email

  • What is the timing of the event?

Ans – Saturday will include multiple dramas by various US based teams and the event will be a whole day program with gaps between the dramas. Tentative timing is 12 noon to 9 PM .

Sunday will include the performances by the Kolkata theater personalities.  

The Sunday event is planned to start at 6 Pm (+/- 1 hr.)

  • What are the various ticket packages you have ?

Ans - The ticket packages have been updated on the website . To keep it simple, we have daily passes for Saturday, Sunday, and Combo (2 day) tickets. We have got Gold Sponsorship (premium seating) and Silver Sponsorship (regular seating) . We request the community members to buy Combo tickets and be part of the festival on both days.

  • This a line-up of only drama artists is the first of its kind in the Bay area. Are you planning to complement that with some workshop or anything else?

Ans – We are humbled that we could arrange such a stellar team. However, most of them are extremely busy and are currently scheduled to leave the next day after the event. So, anything beyond their drama performance on Sunday for the whole group is extremely difficult. One or 2 people may stay behind and if that is a possibility, we will plan something for the following week. Will keep the community involved if that works out.

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