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Parama PRakriti

Sanskriti is happy to announce its next event ("Parama Prakriti" - An Ode to Nature ) in association with Sapphire Production. As the pandemic has created havoc in the life of people of almost all professions, the people who are associated with the entertainment industry had been hit harder. With the stoppage of live performances, these performers are being forced to take alternative jobs, at times bringing an end to their creative talent.

Sanskriti in its own humble way has partnered with Sapphire production, in bringing a performance where Sudarshan Chakravorty,  along with his team of talented dancers performed a live show for us. Using a full stage with proper lights, sounds, and props, he and his team bring a great themed composition "Paroma Prakriti -An ode to Nature". The program is not a ticketed event, rather a donated event. We do not want to put a price on the performance but keep it in the hand of our supporters who can help these artists with their support, as appropriate. You can donate by going to the Sanskriti's website and clicking on the donate button on the top right-hand corner. 

The program will be cast simultaneously from Sanskriti's youtube channel and Facebook page and website, starting at 9 PM PST on this Friday(Nov 13th), the links of which are mentioned below 

You Tube Channel & Facebook Live

The proceeds from the program will go to the team members associated with the performance and will be a great help in this hour of need along with an encouragement to pursue their creative skills in their career. 

We look forward to having your presence in this virtual show and further sharing with your friends and family. 

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